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Burger King Employee Takes A Stand -- in the Lettuce Bins

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It's common knowledge that if you're going to do something stupid you probably shouldn't take photos of it and definitely shouldn't upload those pictures to the internet.

If you are going to upload them to the internet you probably shouldn't upload them to 4Chan an imageboard notorious for their random acts of internet mayhem.

So when an anonymous user posted a picture of someone standing in two bins of fresh lettuce under the headline, "This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King." They probably shouldn't have been shocked when the capricious urges of 4Chan compelled users to use the photo to track down the exact Burger King the pictures were taken at. They then used that information to phone not only the manager of that Burger King but their local news stations as well.

A day later Fox 8 Cleveland reported that Burger King had sent them an official statement explaining that the offending employee had been fired and that they were investigating the matter.

The original thread on 4Chan has vanished but the good users of Reddit took a screen capture of the relevant conversation. Judging from the time stamps on the posts it took a little over 20 minutes for 4Chan vigilantes to extract GPS information from the photo's exif data. Virtually all pictures taken on a GPS enabled camera have this location data attached to each photograph.

We suppose that means you probably shouldn't take photos of yourself doing something stupid and the post them on the internet with your exact GPS coordinates.

This isn't the first time that an Ohio Burger King has had a problem with employees behaving badly behind the scenes. In this 2008 case an employee took a dip in the utensil washing sink on his birthday and then promptly reposted the video on Myspace and Youtube.

Between these stories and Waiting it might not be unreasonable to consider your dining choices with care this weekend.

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