Butter Stuffed With Bacon

After a delicious introduction to locally-made Fleurt Butter, this Thrifty Cook wondered -- can anyone make flavored butter at home? The answer is yes. It can be fun to mess around with flavors to infuse your butter with, too. For this recipe a traditional breakfast option was used: butter, maple syrup and bacon - just add the pancakes!

Steps on how to make bacon maple flavored butter after the jump.


1 LB Bacon
Unsalted Butter
Bacon drippings
1 TBSP Real Maple Syrup

1. Cook one pound of bacon, set on to paper towel to cool
2. Once the bacon is cool to the touch, crumble it by hand into small pieces

3. Save some of the bacon drippings

4. Clarify the unsalted butter by melting the butter in a sauce pan slowly then let it sit for a bit to separate the solids from the oils. Skim off the foamy solids that rises to the top, and gently pour the butter oils which have settled to the bottom - that is your clarified butter. The tops solids are known as ghee.
5. Add the crumbled bacon and a tablespoon of the bacon drippings together with the butter and mix well.
6. Finally stir in the Maple Syrup.
7. Chill the butter in the refrigerator and use it on toast, pancakes, scones and more.

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Cyndi Coon
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