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BuzznBeez Food Truck Partnership Breaks Up: Mrs. White's Grandson Back to Family Business, Bee Keeps Truck Buzzin'

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After just a few months in the mobile kitchen biz, partners Beatrice "Bee" Bullock and Christian Buze, grandson of Elizabeth White of Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe, have severed their partnership.

The couple's food truck, Buzznbeez Good Food Truck, a mix of down-home Southern food and globally focused fare, started rolling last October, and participated at events, farmers markets, and food truck gatherings throughout the Valley.

So what happened?

Bullock and Buze, who were together for five years, declined to go into details, but Bullock told me Buze was no longer affiliated with BuzznBeez and that she would continue running the business, doing some of the cooking and keeping the food and the recipes (like Mrs. White's fried chicken) intact.

Buze confirmed Bullock's statement, adding he hadn't been involved with the food truck in over a month. For now, he tells me he'll be cooking at one of his family's restaurants -- Mrs. White's Golden Rule or Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles -- but eventually would like to start another food truck, one exclusively serving traditional soul food dishes like mac 'n' cheese, red beans and rice, pork chops, and chicken fried steak.

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Laura Hahnefeld
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