Cafe: Curry Corner

Hungry for Pakistani food? We thought so. If there's one cuisine type that curries favor with us, it's Pakistani cuisine. Well, in this week's reviewed restaurant you get a little Indian and a little Pakistani cuisine as well. We speak, of course, of Curry Corner in Tempe.

Food Critic Laura Hahnefeld on Curry Corner:

"As is typical of Pakistani restaurants, meat plays a dominant role at Curry Corner. On most days, you'll find tandoori selections such as marinated wings heavy with ginger and garlic, minced meat kebabs alone or wrapped with fresh veggies in soft blankets of naan, and Behari kabobs, tender strips of beef marinated in yogurt and house seasonings. Weekends mean special dishes like beef karahi, its cubes of garlicky meat swimming among red dashes of fresh, chopped tomatoes, and green flecks of chilies and coriander leaves in a small metal pot you can't wait to take the lid off of, and malai boti, delivered sizzling and popping from the kitchen, its chunks of tender, boneless chicken having been marinated in a cream (malai)-based marinade with jalapeños and spices."...full story

See a few more photos from Curry Corner after the jump.

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