Cafe: Dave's Electric Pub

Cafe: Dave's Electric Pub

It's no secret that we're fond of a good beer and even less hush-hush that we love a good local beer. If it were possible to equip our faucet with a direct tap line to a barrel of Four Peak's Kiltlifter, we'd have stopped coming in to work a long time ago. Then we hear from this week's Cafe column that there is a new brewery in town shaking up the local beer scene.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Dave's Electric Pub:

Dave's Electric Brewpub is a welcome addition to the metro area's microbrew scene and an unpretentious hangout that clearly caters to the neighborhood. What adds even more interest to this two-month-old spot is the provenance of the beers.

They're actually brewed in Bisbee, thanks to a partnership that pub owners Dave Hoffman and Scott Burge worked out with Arizona microbrew pioneer "Electric" Dave Harman. Twenty-two years ago, when microbrewing was legalized here, Bisbee-based Harman was the first in the state to apply for a brewer's license...full story


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