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Cafe: Frank & Albert's at Arizona Biltmore

Truth be told, we don't spend a lot of time hobnobbin' it at resort restaurants. We're more of the beer-drinkin', hole-in-the-wall eatery types. But after reading this week's cafe column, that may have to change.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Frankd & Albert's at Arizona Biltmore:

People are already talking about this place, and I'm not referring to out-of-towners. From the craft cocktails and gorgeous design of the dining room to accessible Southwestern-inspired comfort food, there's plenty here that's worth checking out. Although the resort feels tucked away, it's only a stone's throw from one of the city's busiest intersections, 24th Street and Camelback.

And I'll say this right now. In a city full of restaurants with great patios that celebrate the Arizona climate, Frank & Albert's has the most appealing one yet. It's beautifully landscaped, with a big fireplace made out of decorative "Biltmore Blocks" (a signature design element at the hotel), a large fire pit surrounded by more seating, and yet another fire pit in the middle of a glass-walled room that opens up to the outdoors...full story

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