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Cafe: Great Wall Hong Kong Cuisine

Dumpings, rice congee and chicken feet; there's nothing not to love about dim sum. Admittedly, we weren't up on the best Valley location to go for this Chinese delicacy. Luckily this week's cafe column has the answer: Great Wall Hong Kong Cuisine. 

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Great Wall Hong Kong Cuisine:

Ladies pushing the dim sum carts, stacked with metal steaming containers and rows of plates, pass by frequently, invariably bringing something new and irresistible that they didn't have the last go-round. On my visits to Great Wall, just when I thought I'd settled on a gluttonous number of dishes, I'd succumb to something too pretty to pass up, like flaky, golden pastries packed with mild curried beef, or a platter laden with roast duck, its shiny, crispy skin a deep shade of pomegranate.

Cha siu bao, ubiquitous dim sum standards, were nevertheless a delight to eat, each fluffy white steamed dumpling giving way to a moist heart of barbecued pork. Har gau hit the spot, thanks to firm, fresh shrimp in each delicately pleated pouch, while another variation, also wrapped in translucent steamed flour skins, contained a mix of shrimp, scallops, pork, and scallions. And neatly wrapped lotus leaf squares unfurled in a mouthwatering cloud of savory steam, revealing flavorful sticky rice studded with chicken and mushrooms. I couldn't stop eating that rice even after it became masochistic to take another bite...full story

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