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Cafe: Heirloom

How far will you drive for food? Certainly there are some tasty treats that no distance could separate a hungry enough mouth from. Unfortunately, Chef Michael DeMaria's latest venture, Heirloom, is not one of them. According to Food Critic Michele Laudig, driving all the way out to Heirloom's North Scottsdale is a bit too much of a trek for the food.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Heirloom: 

Three months in, the place is already up to speed in so many ways, namely the relaxing atmosphere and professional service. The menu is a fun read, too, because it changes monthly and incorporates seasonal ingredients.

But I think Heirloom still hasn't reached its full potential, particularly in the execution of its dishes. Clearly, this food appeals to the locals (a north Scottsdale snowbird crowd, from the looks of the clientele), but is it destination-worthy for a diverse crowd of foodies making the trek from other parts of the Valley? This customer was a little disappointed that she didn't fall in love with it...full story

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Jonathan McNamara