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Cafe: Modern Burger and Other Valley Steak Places Serving Up Sliders

We came to appreciate tasty burgers during our stint as freelance journalistic Japan-o-philes in Osaka. Think good sushi is hard to find in the Valley? Try finding a decent slider amid the ramen stalls and kaitenzushis in O-town.

While we were in the Land of the Rising Sun, steak houses started making their own sliders. Talk about a food trend we can take a bite out of. Turns out this week's Cafe column is as pro-burger as we are.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Modern Burger:

So back to Modern Burger. Outstanding. Twin sliders were the only burger option when I stopped by for a quick lunch, but that was fine with me as soon as my order came up a few minutes later.

When I opened the lid of the compact cardboard box, I was struck by a buttery, meaty, mouthwatering aroma. Probably a bad move to tease myself that way, because I hadn't even found a seat yet and the few chairs next to the counter were already taken. I hustled over to grab one of the comfy seats in the middle of the mall...full story

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Jonathan McNamara