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Cafe: Modern Steak

Many moons ago, our father took us to Ray's the Steaks in Virginia. The wait was exceptionally long. They don't take reservations (yes, one of those places) and once we got inside the weight for service was pretty unbearable. In fact, we were asked to come back at a later date to free up a table for a party that included a pregnant lady.

Talk about waiting.

But eventually we got to you know, actually try the food at Ray's the Steaks and it was amazing. So a little waiting like that described in this week's cafe column about Modern Steak is not going to stop us from getting at some gastronomical delights.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Modern Steak:

This restaurant was marketed as a novel, female-friendly take on a steakhouse, but there's no better way to bring out the bitch in any lady than to make her teeter on her foxy stilettos as her blood sugar plummets and her stomach growls as loudly as the music blasting from the sound system. Or maybe that's just me.

Once seated, with some fragrant, warm focaccia to nibble on and a cold martini in hand, my mood steadily improved, especially as our affable, hard-working waiter and an army of lavender-shirted staffers doted on us. From there, the pace of dinner went smoothly. (I should note that lunch at Modern Steak was a breeze, thankfully)...full story

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