Cafe: Nine 05

Cafe: Nine 05

If there's one thing missing from our monthly outing to First Friday it's blueberry mochi cake. Don't get us wrong. We like street-side brats and popcorn as much as the next guy, but even once in a while we want to class it up. Seems Matt Carter of Nine 05 feels the same way.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Nine 05:

Chef-owner Matt Carter (of Scottsdale's Zinc Bistro and The Mission) and chef de cuisine Jay Bogsinske are the duo behind the concept. Initially, they'd taken over Fate in the wake of chef-owner Johnny Chu's departure, soon giving it a name change. Then, over the summer, they did a serious revamp, souping up the vintage house into a sleek version of its former self, and debuting a completely new, more upscale menu.

(Their plans to further transform the corner of Fourth Street and Garfield in the coming months include another two new restaurants -- Canteen, a European gastro-pub going in next door to Nine 05, and El Rey Taqueria. The existing mushroom-shaped outdoor bar is a holdover from the Fate era.)...full story


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