Cafe: PastaBAR in Phoenix
Jackie Mercandetti

Cafe: PastaBAR in Phoenix

Hungry for Italian eats? Look no further than this week's Cafe column. New Times shines some light on the corner of First and Pierce and more specifically on Chef Wade Moises' PastaBAR.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on PastaBAR:

The menu is streamlined, nothing tops out over $17, and portions are fairly generous; the bowls of pasta may not seem very big until you dig in and realize how rich they are. There are several rustic appetizers, eight handmade pastas inspired by Moises' travels in southern Italy, and various meat dishes somewhat confusingly labeled as "sides." In reality, they're big enough to share or eat as an entrée; two meatballs, for example, were as big as baseballs...full story


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