Chow Bella

Cafe: Playing With Fire

For this week's Cafe column New Times visited Eddie's House in Old Town Scottsdale and Christopher's Restaurant and Crush Lounge situated next to Saks at Biltmore Fashion Park to photograph the atmosphere of the two restaurants.

From the stacks of plates waiting for their destinies in Eddie's House's dining room to the rain fall sinks just outside the bathroom at Christopher's Restaurant, shooting the decor was a great deal of fun, but shooting the people who work at these eateries was much more rewarding. They love what they do and you can see it in their faces as they plate their labor.

At Christopher's Restaurant, Chef de Cuisine Chad Bolar asked us if we'd like some "action shots" then proceeded to flambe a pan of asparagus smiling like a kid as four foot flames shot forth from the cook top.

"So you guys must have the greatest job in the world, right?" we asked him.

"Yeah...pretty much."

For more on Eddie's House and Christopher's Restaurant, don't miss this week's Cafe article "Celebrity chefs Eddie Matney and Christopher Gross stake their names on new restaurants" by Michele Laudig. For more photos don't miss our slideshow "New eateries Eddie's House and Christopher's Restaurant and Crush Lounge."

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Jonathan McNamara