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Cafe: Pupusas in Phoenix

When we think of delicious delicacies that are affordable and filling we reach for ethnic food. We've been known to toss down a few spring rolls. We've gorged on samosas. We've even been known to get down on a pate-laced Vietnamese sandwich. 

Leave it to Food Critic Michele Laudig to show us the glorious light of the humble pupusa. 

Food Critic Michele Laudig on pupusas:

So I got to brainstorming about the cheap eats that don't get enough love -- but should. What about pupusas? You know, those thick, doughy Salvadoran corn tortillas oozing with melted cheese and other savory fillings? They usually run around two bucks apiece, and they're so delicious.

I knew I was onto something when I mentioned pupusas to several different food-savvy people and the responses ranged from "Huh?" to something vaguely inappropriate. Yep, more people need to know about pupusas...full story

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Jonathan McNamara