Churro ice cream sandwichesEXPAND
Churro ice cream sandwiches
Courtesy of Jared Naumann

Cafe Serving Stuffed and Topped Churros Coming to Gilbert

Gilbert will get a little sweeter on February 1 with the opening of Dulce Churro Cafe, an eatery that will revolve around the humble churro. Dulce Churro Cafe will make plain churros, the common Latin sweet fried, sugared, and served hot. But Dulce, too, will take the churro to new territory.

At Dulce, churros can come with dipping sauces (like Nutella and dulce de leche). Churros can come with toppings (like almonds and cookie dough). Churros can be coated in various glazes (like strawberry). Churros can be filled with custard, Nutella, dulce de leche, and others. Churro cones will hold house-made ice cream and gelato, providing the "buns" of ice cream sandwiches, the cones for frozen scoops.

Owner Jared Naumann got the idea for a churro cafe while traveling in Spain. In Madrid, he tasted churros with hot chocolate. He was awestruck by the combination. The idea for a churro cafe was born.

Rendition of Dulce Churro CafeEXPAND
Rendition of Dulce Churro Cafe

Gearing up to launch Dulce Churro Cafe, Naumann even returned to the Iberian Peninsula — which he argues is the true home of the churro — for a weeklong "churro school" education in Valladolid, Spain.

Churros, we know, play a role in Mexican cuisine. They are eaten in much of the Spanish-speaking world.

The cafe's dulce de leche recipe comes from an old Chilean recipe — that of Naumann's family. He was born in Chile, his wife in the Dominican Republic. His relationship with the churro bridges three continents.

Dulce Churro Cafe opens on 2/1EXPAND
Dulce Churro Cafe opens on 2/1
Courtesy of Jared Naumann

In addition to churros, Dulce Churro Cafe will feature hot chocolates, Spanish-style lattes, and teas and drinks like Yerba matte, horchata, and agua de jamaica (hibiscus-flavored agua fresca). Naumann has tapped an ice cream artisan from Miami to help kickstart his frozen dessert game, which will include gelato.

Dulce Churro Cafe will open at 1674 North Highley Road, #107, in Gilbert. Lovers of the churro, it doesn't seem to get much more intense than this.

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