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Cafe: Si Señor Restaurant

We'll admit it. A childhood built on eating Mexican food from the unending selection of generic joints strewn about Houston, Texas suburbia did not prepare us for the glory of New That's why we're looking forward to filling our mouths with chilies courtesy of Si Señor Restaurant as featured in this week's Cafe column.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Si Señor Restaurant:

For the uninitiated, New Mexican-style Mexican food is all about the famous Hatch chile peppers (named after the southern N.M. town) that are a signature crop for Arizona's neighbor to the east. Although all the dishes at Si Señor aren't necessarily spicy, chances are you'll have a field day with the menu if you like hot stuff.

Beyond the food, Si Señor's a pretty pleasant little neighborhood spot, and if I lived in Chandler or south Tempe, I could see myself making it a routine stop. Located in a freestanding building on Alma School, the restaurant isn't flashy from the outside, although it's surprisingly bright and cheerful when you set foot inside...full story

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Jonathan McNamara