Cafe: Stan's Metro Deli

Holy matzo balls! Mill Avenue's got a New York Deli once again! Stan's, once a Mill Avenue staple, has returned to Tempe with sandwiches, soups, pizzas and breakfast. But is the new joint an instant classic or lacking in panache?

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Stan's Metro Deli

Although there's nothing cutting-edge about the eats, Stan's turns out pretty solid standards, from moist, thin, big-as-your-plate pancakes to honkin' big half-pound burgers, like the bacon, avocado, and cheese-smothered ASU Burger. Side dishes are all about wholesome Americana, including crisp carrot and cabbage coleslaw, potato salad, fries, and picnic-worthy macaroni salad.

I recommend going for the splurges when you're here, because guilty pleasures are what Stan's does best. My "Marge's Fav" Tri-Salad was far too much for a single person to eat, and I liked the scoops of egg salad and tuna salad (oddly, the promised chicken salad wasn't on there), but I'd much rather have them in sandwich form. In my world, tuna goes with rye and melted cheddar much better than sliced white mushrooms, shredded carrot, and lettuce...full story

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