Cafe: Takeda Thai

It's a little overcast outside right now, but soon enough we'll feel the full force of the Summer heat pouring down over The Valley. Our favorite way to cool down: a nice Thai tea. We're guessing we'll find a glass of the good stuff at the Thai eatery that happens to be the subject of this week's cafe column: Takeda Thai

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Takeda Thai:

One of the newest contenders is Takeda Thai by Moulay, run by chef-owner Moulay Takeda and his wife, Sara. They opened their place several months ago at Windmill Plaza, on the southeast corner of Scottsdale Road and Shea, and incredibly, they've transformed what was once a golf shop into a very appealing neighborhood restaurant.

If you're expecting a typical no-frills ethnic joint, you're in for a surprise. Outside the front window, a contemporary metal sculpture doubles as a fire feature at night. Wall sconces, inset ceiling lights, and votive candles cast a soft glow on polished granite table tops throughout the dining room, decorated with small Buddhas and carved wall hangings. There's a full bar stretching across the back of the space, and a curvy banquette along one side, upholstered in a pale sage elephant pattern. Gracious service complements the soothing, relaxed vibe...full story

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