Cafe: The Grind

Burgers? Yes, have some. It's pretty much that simple when it comes to pleasing a pedestrian palette. Yet having a professional food critic recommend a particular burger joint doesn't hurt either.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on The Grind:

Truly, from my experience, the best cure for burger fatigue happens to be an excellent burger.

That's what I had the first time I visited this place. I ordered the sweet and spicy burger, topped with a mouthwatering combination of candied jalapeños and fried ratatouille, pungent roasted garlic aioli, and a heap of fresh watercress.

My friend got the peppercorn crust burger, embellished with charred onions, roasted garlic, watercress, and crispy matchstick fries. Both beauties were perfectly medium-rare and just dripping with flavorful juices. We were so impressed that we wanted to lick our plates. They're really on to something here...full story


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