Chow Bella

Cafe: The Parlor

When we first heard that this week's cafe column was about a pizzeria in a former beauty parlor, we could help but let our imaginations run wild. What if we could get a hair cut, beard trim, and maybe even a post-shampoo scalp massage while gorging ourselves on slice after slice? 

This concept is but a dream, so we'll have to console ourselves with just trying the pizza at The Parlor.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on The Parlor: 

I'll admit, my first encounter with it a couple of months ago was just so-so, but I'd heard through the grapevine that they were still tweaking the crust. On more recent visits, the pizza was much, much improved -- completely different from round one -- and my dining companions and I thought it was easily as good as the wood-fired pies they serve at Humble Pie or Cibo. The crust was thin, lightly charred on the bottom, with crisp, bubbly edges that gave way to a doughy middle.

There was a list of toppings for build-your-own pizzas, although nine different signature pizzas offered plenty of variety. Ripe, yellow heirloom tomatoes made for a standout margherita, while thinly sliced Pavone pepperoni, fresh basil, and housemade mozzarella amounted to a really flavorful pepperoni pizza...full story

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Jonathan McNamara