Chow Bella

Cafe: The Vig

A bar with good atmosphere is enough to draw a crowd. A bar with good atmosphere and lip-smacking good food is enough to draw a crowd of regulars. Such, so it seems, is the way at The Vig.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on The Vig:

There's just something about this edge-of-Arcadia tavern, a magnetism that attracts all the quirky social flora and fauna from the neighborhood and beyond. Black-clad servers swerve around huddles of Casual Friday Gen X-ers swilling pints by the light of the bar, where pretty 20-somethings in skinny jeans flirt with young men in polo shirts. People sitting in the booths -- dressed-up college kids, good-looking housewives, youthful Boomers -- get a front-row seat to the melodrama.

Out on the patio, the scene is even more energetic, perhaps with a live band or DJ heating up the sound system. Young professionals sink into Adirondack chairs, deep into wine and conversation. Cougars lounge by the outdoor fireplace, their polished bronze cleavage drawing sideways glances from snowbird dudes in Hawaiian shirts (meanwhile, their sequined wives have stumbled off to the ladies room). And in one corner, there's perpetual motion at the bocce ball court, a strip of startling green astroturf...full story

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Jonathan McNamara