Cafe: Vitamin T

The allure of a lunch deal comprising a couple of tacos and a shot of tequila is too much to pass up. That's what got us to Vitamin T, the relatively new taco shop in Downtown Phoenix. Tacos and tequila aside, there may be another reason to visit Vitamin T.

Food Critic Laura Hahnefeld on Vitamin T:

When I moved here six years ago, I wanted to live in downtown Phoenix, but when I checked it out, it seemed to me like a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Since then, slowly -- slowly -- downtown Phoenix has shown signs of life. Cityscape is -- particularly with the recent addition of Stand Up Live and soon-to-open Oakville Grocery Co. -- giving people a few new reasons to go downtown, and light rail is giving them an easy way to get there.

One of those signs of life is Vitamin T, a simple and tasty joint opened by one of the more notable chefs in town.

In the shadow of the gleaming, monolithic CityScape complex, a small sign with one word on it, "tacos," points the way to the simple pleasures of Mexican street food, on the southwest corner of First and Washington streets...full story

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