Caffiend: Blu Frog Wildly Healthy Energy Drink

As suggested by one of our readers in the comments of a previous Caffiend, the new Blu Frog "Wildly Healthy" energy drink is supposed to provide an energy boost similar to the most popular energy drinks on the market, but with healthier ingredients. So we decided to give the new brew a try. Unfortunately, the only place it's available right now are various college campuses and online at www.blufrogger.com.

Looks like: The can design is pretty cool, especially because the frog looks a little sinister.

Tastes like: Very fruity and sweet, but without the sour kick that accompanies most other citrus-flavored energy drinks.

Caffeine and other contents: A can of Blu Frog contains the same amounts of caffeine (80mg) and Taurine (1000mg) as a can of Red Bull. It's also got 17 grams of all-natural sugar, 10 grams less than a Red Bull. Ingredients in the Blu Frog that are not found in Red Bull at all are choline chloride, Quercetin (an anti-oxidant found in the pulp of fruits), and something called "Fucoidan-rich Tongan Lima Moul Extract (we have no idea what that is, but thankfully, nothing in the drink tastes of smelly, hairy South American animals or anything like that).

Caffeine kick: Not too shabby. The rush from Blu Frog is similar to the hour-or-so increased energy boost from popular drinks like Rock Star and Monster. The sugar crash is milder, because the sugar is all-natural from cane and present only in moderate amounts.

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