Caffiend: Bookmans Cafe's House Blend

We know what you're thinking: Wait, isn't Bookmans a used book store? That it is, but as we've previously reported, the Bookmans location in Mesa recently opened a cafe. We've long been fans of the store's book, music, and video game selection, but we were skeptical about the coffee. On a recent visit, we tried the Bookmans Cafe house blend. Turns out, it's not terrible -- but it's not awesome, either.

Bookmans Cafe gets its house blend from Intelligentsia Coffee, a fair trade coffee company that specializes in Central and South American coffee beans. The house blend is good, if not a bit weak. There's a hint of bitterness to the brew, but it's very subtle. Overall, the coffee tasted a bit like flavored water. It could have just been a weak pot, but if a cup of java loses its coffee flavor on account of one dash of cream and two sugar packets, maybe it's time to double the grind.

As for energy boost, the Bookmans house blend gave us a slight sugar rush, but nothing like the caffeine kick we've experienced on energy drinks or stronger brews from Starbucks and Dutch Bros. Maybe next time, we'll order a shot of espresso to go with it. 

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