Caffiend: Carly's Jamaican Coffee

I was tired from moving and hauling furniture all day Sunday, and I desperately needed a caffeine kick, so I checked out the menu at a place close to my new home downtown -- Carly's on Roosevelt Street. This artsy cafe has always been one of my favorite places to grab some fruity imported beer, but I noticed a couple coffees on Carly's menu listed under "After Dinner Drinks." I decided to give the "Jamaican Coffee" a try.

Call me stupid (or maybe I was just exhausted and thoughtless), but I had no idea the Jamaican Coffee contained alcohol until it hit the table, dark, steaming and smelling delicious, like Bailey's Irish Cream. The server informed me that it was actually spiced rum I was smelling.

I had no idea spiced rum went so well with java, but the "Jamaican" coffee moniker made sense. The roasted coffee bean flavor was robust, and the spiced rum complemented the slightly bitter kick of the coffee. It also balanced nicely with the cream and sugar, and needless to say, this mug didn't last long. I would've ordered another if I didn't have more boxes to haul.

As far as the caffeine kick (70 mg average per cup of regular coffee), it was slightly diminished by the booze, but the rum was by no means a total downer. I'd just recommend only trying the Jamaican Coffee at night, when one is looking for a more mellow, balanced buzz.


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