Caffiend: Coffee Rush's Cherry Mocha

Coffee Rush's plain house blend is good, but its menu brims with such decadent flavors that anyone with a sweet tooth would be hard-pressed to just "plain Jane" it here -- caramel macchiatos, coconut mochas, tiramisu mochas, and caramel nut lattes beckon the caffeine consumer beyond just black coffee. It's a dive worth taking even for dieters, because most of Coffee Rush's flavorful brews are available in sugar-free versions.

We ordered a cherry mocha at the Chandler location. Coffee Rush has a location in Gilbert, too, but we're partial to Chandler because of its "lake side" patio. And we're especially partial to their cherry mocha now.

Coffee Rush's Cherry Mocha
(multiple locations, including SE corner of Dobson & Ray in Chandler)

This wicked delight is part energizing coffee, part rich dessert. Starting with a shot of Coffee Rush's house blend espresso, baristas add a big shot of cherry syrup, a generous portion of half and half creamer, and homemade whipped cream to make the concoction compete. Available hot or iced, the cherry mocha is definitely a drink for chocolate lovers (the cherry flavor is more subtle). There's a significant energy boost from the caffeine and sugar, too, but this is really more a coffee for flavor.

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