Caffiend: Crudo's Red Eye

Crudo serves a ton of tasty delights to the crowds that come in off Marshall Way in Old Town Scottsdale, from flat bread pizzas to a local farm salad bar. And since the place is located inside the Steven Paul Salon, patrons can even get their hair done after eating their turkey wraps.

But our favorite thing about Crudo is the coffee, particularly the Red Eye. This blend of drip coffee and espresso is so potent that we swore we felt our hearts skip a beat after the first sip. The flavor of slow-roasted coffee beans is intense, and there's a bitter kick after each swallow. The brew is so strong that the smell will peel your eyes open if you look directly into the cup.

The caffeine kick was equally intense, and after chugging the large Red Eye, we spent the next two hours walking around Old Town Scottsdale talking like auctioneers. The buzz didn't die down for another two hours - this is not a coffee to drink if you're hoping to sleep anytime soon.

This is not a sweet, frilly coffee, by any means, either. Crudo's Red Eye is the time of java that might grow hair on your chest. It certainly kicked our butts.

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