Caffiend: Cup O'Karma's Iced Chai Frappe

Cup O'Karma coffee shop in Mesa has always been a popular hangout for East Valley hipsters, and for good cause: portions of every coffee and tea sale go to the National Advocacy & Training Network, a human rights organization that works to end domestic violence and sexual assault. But while buying coffee here can give you warm philanthropic fuzzies, how are the actual belly washers? We tried the shop's Iced Chai Frappe.

Cup O'Karma's Iced Chai Frappe

Looks like: Very creamy, beige coffee.

Smells like: Well, a spicy Chai tea.

Tastes like: This blend of Chai was extremely potent and spicy, filled with the sharp taste of cloves. There was only about a shot of tea mixed with almost a full glass of milk, so we can only imagine how strong an uncut blend would be. But while the milk helps offset the spiciness, it also makes the drink much heavier and creamier, which makes it less than ideal for a hot day.

Caffeine and other contents: While this Chai blend is caffeinated, it's not on par with high octane drinks. There's an estimated 60-80 mg of caffeine in here, which is about the same (or less) as a Red Bull.

Caffeine kick: Decent, but nothing to get jittery about. The energy boost lasts about 30 minutes if this drink is chugged, and is subtle enough to slip by unnoticed if you're sipping.

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