Caffiend: Fair Trade Cafe's Eggnog Latte

'Tis the season for holiday drinks, and while many people are running for seasonal ales, caffeine junkies need some holiday cheer, too. And the best seasonal caffeine drink we've found this year comes from Fair Trade Cafe, located on Central Avenue, off Roosevelt.

The eggnog latte might sound bizarre at first, but it doesn't taste strange at all. In fact, it tastes just like hot eggnog, with only a hint of coffee. This creamy, frothy delight has a delicious spicy kick, bolstered by coffee that's not the least bit bitter. The drink is so naturally sweet that there's no need for added sugar or cream, and it provides all the pick-me-up of a regular latte and then some -- "then some" stemming from the fact that it tastes so good, it's easy to chug. And when someone chugs a 16 ounce cup of coffee, they're inevitably going to be speeding.

The eggnogg latte will be available at Fair Trade Cafe through mid-January, so if coffee freaks miss a chance to try it before Christmas, they should definitely make a New Year's Resolution to get down to Fair Trade and order one before they're gone.

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