Caffiend: Lola Coffee's Quadruple-Shot Espresso

The charming Lola Coffee shop on Central Avenue shares a similar ambiance with hip hangouts like Lola Tapas and Lux -- lots of comfortable chairs and couches, magazines laying about, Wi-Fi access, smooth and unobtrusive music (often jazz) in the background, and good-looking people absorbed in laptops or philosophical conversations (or both). The laid-back vibe comes courtesy of Lola Coffee creator Daniel Wayne, formerly of the aforementioned Lola Tapas and Lux. But while Lola Coffee shares a groove with its creators' other hot spots, it serves up its own kind of unique, caffeinated kicks -- like the quadruple-shot espresso.

Lola Coffee: Quadruple-Shot Espresso
4700 N. Central Ave.

One's heart rate could increase just watching this drink being made. Four shots of espresso -- all dark and frothy at the top, are slow-brewed into shot glasses and then dumped into a cup. The pure quadruple-shot espresso is dark brown, like muddy water, and smells so strongly of deep coffee roast that the scent can perk up nose hairs. We added a teaspoon or so of sugar to our uber-espresso, and about a 1/4 cup of half and half creamer. The drink was still very heady and bitter, and nursing didn't work. Our quadruple-espresso was sipped dry in about an hour, and two large glasses of water (thankfully, complimentary with lemon, in a pitcher over by the coffee straws) were needed to sate our thirst. But for caffeinated kicks, this monster brew does the trick. With an estimated 300 mg of caffeine (more than three times that of a can of Red Bull), this is one high-octane, ass kickin' drink.

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