Caffiend: Sambazon Amazon Energy

It's no secret that constantly ingesting tons of sugars and artificial flavoring and coloring is bad for you, but when it comes to energy drinks, the aforementioned "bad stuff" is almost unavoidable. Most of the energy drinks on the market are full of artificial ingredients, and the handful of available organic energy drinks can't boast the best taste.

But Sambazon's Amazon Energy does an all-star job at being all-natural. The drink contains only natural, organic ingredients, including the caffeine, which comes from the Guarana plant. The exact amount caffeine from Guarana isn't listed on the can, but it's enough to provide drinkers with a good 30-minute energy boost (the 28.5 grams of sugar from cane and fruit doesn't hurt, either).

Unlike most energy drinks, Amazon Energy isn't loaded with Taurine or an obscenely high amount of B vitamins. It does contain 750 percent of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C, which is probably why the can advertises that the drink is "rich in antioxidants." Other ingredients include Yerba mate and green tea extracts.

As for taste, we were struck by the sheer fruitiness of Sambazon Amazon Energy. We tried the Acai Berry flavor, and it was by the far the juiciest energy drink we've ever tried, with a refreshing taste akin to sparkling grape juice.

That said, we wouldn't recommend letting the liquid get warm, because then the drink tastes more like a super-sweet, melted grape Otter Pop. And in the Valley of the Sun, it doesn't take long for a nice cold one to go lukewarm, so we suggest chugging it. It's only natural, after all.

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