Caffiend: Thai Cafe's Iced Thai Coffee

There aren't too many coffees as tasty as Thai coffee, and Thai Cafe in Chandler makes some of the best. On a hot summer day, they serve their Thai coffee in a huge glass, iced, and it's not only thirst-quenching, but quite butt-kicking as well.

Thai coffee is basically slow-drip coffee served with a layer of creamy, condensed milk on top. The condensed milk makes the drink sweet, but not unbearably so, and it tastes more like a chocolate milk than coffee. The energy boost is substantial considering there's only about 75 mg of caffeine in the drink, but the sugar from the sweet milk is probably a factor, too.

This might not be the most high-octane way to start your day, but Thai coffee would make a great mid-day boost around lunch time.

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