Caffiend: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Earl Grey Tea

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Earl Grey Tea

Looks like: A rich, black tea.

Smells like: Fragrant citrus fruits.

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Tastes like: A full, tangy citrus tea with a rich Bergamot flavor (Bergamot is a Mediterranean citrus fruit, and Earl Grey derives its taste from the fruit's oil).

Caffeine and other contents: It can be hard to gauge the exact caffeine content in fresh brewed teas, because the caffeine amount fluctuates with each flush. However, the average amount of caffeine in a cup of Earl Grey tea is 40 mg -- half that of a Red Bull energy drink.

Caffeine kick: Very subtle, but stronger than the kick you'd get from a green tea. Don't expect any extended energy rushes. Coffee Bean's Earl Grey is more about savoring the flavor.

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