Caffiend: Toast's Double Shot Cappuccino

When it comes to Cappuccino, there's really only one thing  that matters: froth, and lots of it. Toast, a tiny, locally-owned coffee shop recently opened in the old Drip building on Seventh Street, knows this, and their cappuccino froth is so huge it's either divine or ludicrous, depending on who you ask.

But caffeine is an important component of cappuccino, too, so a double shot was the way to go when I recently visited Toast. As I slurped though inches of white, sweet, creamy foam, I started to wonder if there was any coffee down there. Thankfully, there was -- and damn good coffee, too. The blend was heady and robust, but lacked the bitterness of a dark roast.

The caffeine from the double shot gave me quite a kick in the pants, too. I was yawning when I sat down at one of Toast's small, simple tables and ordered. I was fully alert (though not uncomfortably wired) after leisurely sipping the cappuccino and scarfing down an egg sandwich. It was definitely good bang -- and taste -- for my buck.

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