Caffiend: Unbound Energy

There aren't many negative things we can say about Unbound Energy. It's cheap (around two bucks a can), tastes good, and provides a nice energy boost. For years, we've been waiting for an energy drink that we liked as much as Monster -- and we may have finally found it in Unbound Energy.

When it comes to taste, let's be honest: most energy drinks taste like carbonated cough syrup and many can make your stomach feel like you're trying to digest some battery acid. But Unbound Energy tastes more like a lightly carbonated fruit juice. We tasted a smooth imitation of peach and mango, with no weird energy drink aftertaste. It's pretty thirst-quenching, as opposed to most energy drinks, which can leave you craving a tall drink of water.

The energy blend in Unbound Energy is pretty potent: 1000 mg of glucose, caffeine, inositol, glucuronolactone, and maltodextrin (in simpler terms, a crap load of sugar). Other ingredients include 20 mg of niacin and 4.8 mcg of Vitamin B12. Strangely, while Unbound Energy has less caffeine and more sugar than most energy drinks, we didn't experience any kind of sugar crash. We were hopped up for about an hour, and then gradually found ourselves getting back to normal midday pace.

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