Cake Ace Colette Peters To Be Featured at Hermosa Inn's Artist in Residence Dinner

For someone who's made cakes for the likes of Yoko Ono, Al Pacino, and the Rolling Stones -- not to mention a couple notable weddings and two White House stints -- you could say Colette Peters knows her fondant.

The owner of Colette's Cakes in New York City, author of five books, and competitor on Food Network, will be taking a break from the four and sugar to stop by the Hermosa Inn, formerly the private residence of cowboy artist Lon Megargee, in Paradise Valley as part of its Artist-In-Residence Dinner Series, where guests get together with artists for an evening of dining and conversation.

At 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, February 22, Peters will join guests at LON's at The Hermosa, the Inn's restaurant, for a wine reception followed by a four-course dinner designed by chef Jeremy Pacheco. Following the dinner, Peters will dish on some trade secrets, share creative culinary tips and techniques, and answer questions.

Keep reading for details and to see some of Peters' creations.

The cost for the Colette Peters Artist-In-Residence Evening is $125 (all inclusive.) Reservations can be made by calling 602-955-7878. For more details, go here.

A few cakes from Colette Peters:

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