Chow Bella Sperm, Cigarettes, and Other Cake Decorating Don'ts

The internet is chock full of gorgeously photographed cake blogs loaded with towering confections where every detail is executed to perfection.  And while we admire these baked beauties, we also relish the rubbernecking when the art of cake decorating goes completely off-road. 

In case you've missed the hype on this one, let us share with you our favorite site, It's the Girls Gone Wild version of cake decorating with tons of over-the-top, oops, and "oh no they did not" moments in cake decor. The blog shows off a hilarious collection of store bought creations, usually grouped in themes.

We can't resist the collection of baby shower-themed sperm cakes or the birthday ashtrays.  There is an entire collection of misspelled cakes, including teachers, spelled with two t's.  Whether you fancy yourself the next Cake Boss or categorize yourself as the new Worst Cook in America, this site is worth a peek.

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Cheri Biggs