Campus Coffee: Drip Coffee Lounge Tastes Like Growing Up

Drip Coffee Lounge is tucked away in a multitude of shops and eateries off 7th Street south of Thomas. It's a little hard to find and usually only open until 3 p.m.

Overcoming those hurdles, the strong coffee and impressive lunch menu are worth the minor inconveniences. However, we will say that this little coffee joint is not suited for the typical college student's tastes.

Drip's veggie sandwich is full of arugula, havarti cheese, and several other fresh veggies, toasted between two ciabatta slices. It's a grown-up sandwich with complex flavors that you won't find at Subway.

They also offer a prosciutto and parmesan sandwich, and cucumber sandwiches. The coffee is similarly robust, which pairs nicely whichever lunchtime fix you pick. Phoenix campus foodies will be delighted to find the café.

The specialty vegan cupcakes are more accessible to the transitioning student and a selling point for any baked goods aficionado. Made in-house by Twisted V Creations, the cupcakes vary in flavors, each day showcasing different tastes such as green tea, hot chocolate, pineapple, and margarita.

We tried the mini PB & J cupcake, which has creamy peanut butter frosting and grape jelly in the middle, and wondered if this is what true love feels like. Making delicious vegan cupcakes is no simple task, and these unique treats rival (and possibly trump) their dairy-filled friends.

The staff at Drip is very friendly and helpful, and the service is more similar to that of a restaurant than a café. This, combined with the mellow, chic ambiance, makes it a perfect place to have business lunches for your internship or show off your swanky grad student pedigree. Just be sure to grab the bill.

Yesterday we went to Lola Coffee for breakfast, today we went to Drip for lunch, and tomorrow we'll take you to the new Fair Trade to grab a quick cup of coffee before class. Make sure to tip your barista!

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