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Can Kicks Glass at Four Peaks' Hop Knot Taste Test

​Neener, neener. We're still three days out from the official release of Four Peaks Hop Knot in cans, but our crew from Chow Bella (and a slew of other volunteers) got the chance to taste the new aluminum-housed brew at last night's "Can Kicks Glass" Hop Knot Taste Test.

We able and willing lab rats were given a sample of Hop Knot poured from a can, bottle and on draft to see if there was any variation between serving types. The tasters had no idea which was poured from which -- think "Pepsi Challenge," except we were judging different versions of the same tasty beverage. So could we taste the difference?


To our palates, the draft and bottle versions were nearly identical. But the canned version was a revelation. The hops were brighter, the malt sweeter, the finish crisper. The difference was obvious and pretty astounding.

We've said it before, but cans are the future. They're better for shipping and preserving beer, and -- as this tasting proved -- better for flavor. Prove it to yourself when Hop Knot cans hit shelves Saturday. 

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Zach Fowle
Contact: Zach Fowle