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Candy Corn Ice Cream?! Yes, Please. Get It at CenPho's Pink Spot

It might be fall, but ice cream really is season-less.

Especially because CenPho's Pink Spot has introduced three ice cream flavors that cater precisely to this season's favorite flavors.

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Guinness Stout, pumpkin praline with whiskey caramel sauce, and candy corn ice cream (fortunately not all in the same scoop).

Ah, the joys of the food blogger. We ordered all three.

First up: Guinness Stout. A light beige-colored scoop smells like the real deal. It's sweet, yet slightly bitter taste is an unexpected delight. The creaminess cuts the Guinness flavor, but does give you that Dublin-brew presence.

On to the candy corn ice cream we go. Orange and yellow colored sections are mixed in a white background. At first, we taste only rich vanilla ice cream; then comes the candy corn kick. It's rather mild, but sweet enough to satisfy our craving for the real thing.

We saved the pumpkin praline with whiskey caramel sauce for last, and were not disappointed. The orange-hued ice cream holds rich pumpkin flavor with a crunch of praline and the sweetness of caramel.

We'll be back before season's end, Pink Spot.

Pink Spot 49 W. Thomas Road Phoenix, AZ 85013

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