Caramelpalooza 2011: The Results Are In

The competition got sticky Friday night at the second annual Caramelpalooza, co-sponsored by Chow Bella and Smeeks. We're not sure of the exact head count -- beyond the fact that the line wrapped around the block -- but we do know that approximately 2,750 caramels were gone in about an hour's time. 

That's quite a sugar rush. 

Big thanks to the 11 chefs who participated. The range of flavors and methods of caramel-delivery were incredibly varied -- and delicious. 

Get a description of each entry -- and ok, we'll tell you who won -- after the jump. 

Eugenia Theodosopoulos from Essence Bakery Cafe placed first in both the blind tasting and people's choice categories, which is impressive considering her entry -- a caramel macaron -- was the least traditional. 

Tammie Coe of Tammie Coe Cakes and MJ Breads Bakery placed second in the blind tasting with the "tadpole" -- a candy-coated caramel many compared to a Tootsie Pop. And Brendan McCaskey took third with his peanut butter and jelly caramel

McCaskey placed second with the people, and in a squeaker, Slade Grove of Wicked Bakery/Cookies from Home took third with an assortment that included a ginger caramel

Other sweet offerings included: honey tangerine caramel from Tim O'Connor of Honeymoon Sweets; dark chocolate-covered crunchy toffee with pecans from Virginia Senior of Urban Beans; smoked sea salt caramel from Danielle Morris of Cork; caramel with soy sauce aged in bourbon from Tracy Dempsey; German chocolate cake caramel from Veronica Arroyo of Bourbon Steak; blood orange caramel with smoked salt and guajillo chili "fun dip" from Meghan Olesen of Elemental Sugar; and toasted orange caramel with candied tangerine from Brianne Day at The Herb Box.

Did you miss the candymaker profiles? Here they are, once again:

Tammie CoeEugenia TheodopolousMeghan OlesenVeronica ArroyoBrianne DayVirginia SeniorSlade GroveDanielle MorrisBrendan McCaskey and Tracy Dempsey

Come back Wednesday when Wynter Holden puts her dental work to the test in a special Caramelpalooza edition of "Battle of the Dishes."

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