Caramelpalooza 2011: Wanna be a Judge?

We've got some serious competition lined up for Caramelpalooza 2011 -- March 11, 7 pm at Smeeks in central Phoenix. 

Now we're looking for judges. Interested? 

Tell us why. Leave us a comment (and be sure you leave us a way to find you, like an email address) in the comments section of this post by noon, Thursday, March 3, and we'll choose two judges from the entrants. (You'll join our "pro" judging panel.)

Be creative -- give us the reasons you make the best judge for a caramel tasting. We'll be in touch.

Get the complete candymaker line-up after the jump. 

Caramelpalooza 2011 Candymakers:

Veronica Arroyo, Bourbon Steak

Charlie Blonkenfeld, Chaka Chaka

Tammie Coe, Tammie Coe Cakes

Danielle Morris, Cork Restaurant and BLD

Tracy Dempsey, Tracy Dempsey Originals

Meghan Olesen, Elemental Sugar

Eugenia Theodosopoulos, Essence Bakery Cafe 

Becky Windels, The Herb Box

Tim O'Connor, Honey Moon Sweet Bakery & Dessert Bar

Brendan McCaskey

Virginia Senior, Urban Beans

Slade Grove, Wicked Kitchen/Cookies from Home

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