Wake Up Call

Carl's Jr. Field-Testing Ice Cream Burger, the Brrrger

Have you ever polished off a $6 burger at Carl's Jr. and said to yourself, "By Jove, what I need now is another smaller burger made of ice cream"?

Probably not, but the food scientists at Carl's Jr. certainly did and, by their will alone, have brought The Brrrger into existence. Building on the success of their Oreo ice cream sandwich, Carl's Jr is currently testing The Brrrger at locations in Orange County, California. If these initial tests meet with success, we can only imagine that they'll roll these monstrosities out to the wider public.

The real question is: What the heck is in a Brrrger?

According to images on Foodbeast the $1.99 ice cream sandwich is composed of two sugar cookies, chocolate ice cream, and condiment icing.

This less-than-flattering tweet review shows the Brrrger in its natural habitat.

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Ando Muneno
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