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The salad bar is disappointing. It goes for $4.59 per pound, and there's not a single surprise on it. You're much better off buying your own produce.

The bakery also needs help. I went to Wild Oats four times, between 3 and 5 in the afternoon, when folks are most likely to be putting together dinner. On each visit, the bread pickings were slim, limited to hard-as-rock baguettes and a few plastic-wrapped loaves.

Wild Oats is no substitute for a cabin in the high country or six weeks in San Diego. And I don't have those options. My new summer plan: asking the cat to move over.

Whole Foods Market:
Spicy crab roll sushi
Turkey meat loaf
6.99 per pound
Sugar peas salad
7.99 per pound
Chicken pesto pasta
7.99 per pound

Wild Oats Market:
Cucumber soup (pint)
Eggplant parmigiana
7.99 per pound
Shrimp scampi
14.99 per pound

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Howard Seftel