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Cartel Coffee Lab Launching "Cartel Edition" Delivery Service Today

Wake up to a bag of fresh roasted coffee beans on your door step, starting on March 2.
Wake up to a bag of fresh roasted coffee beans on your door step, starting on March 2. Courtesy Cartel Coffee Lab
Tempe-based Cartel Coffee Lab will soon be bringing its responsibly sourced coffee directly to doorsteps of the tired masses all across the nation.

At 11 a.m. today, Thursday, March 2, Cartel Coffee Lab is officially launching Cartel Edition, a subscription service giving the nation's coffee drinkers the chance to have single-origin, whole-bean coffee delivered directly to their homes.

Roughly 5,000 have already pre-subscribed, but the lucky first 200 to sign up on launch day will receive a special-edition gift box featuring a few customized items, such as a coffee-dyed Cartel bandana and a personalized message from the Cartel director of coffee production, Phil Haworth.

Edition options include delivery either every week ($22 per bag), every two weeks ($24 per bag), or once a month ($26 per bag). All prices are per installment and include shipping costs. Other items to be included with each delivery include monthly home brewing tips and industry news.

For more information about Cartel Coffee Labs or to pre-subscribe to Cartel Edition, visit the Cartel Coffee Lab website.
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