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Cave & Ives Hosts Free Beer Tasting and Black & Blue Cookies in Today's Eater's Digest

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Barrio Beer Tasting
Calling all beer lovers -- Cave & Ives is hosting a free, yes free, beer tasting tonight. From 6 to 8 p.m. guests can sample a variety of handcrafted brews from Tucson's Barrio Brewing Co.. The Barrio rep will be sampling a variety of brews including their seasonal "Beach" brew and speaking with guests about different beers and the history of the four year old brewery. If and when you are struck with the pangs of hunger, Cave & Ives will extend their happy hour pricing on food till 8 p.m.. Click here for more details.  

Black & Blueberry

We were intrigued the second we laid eyes on these dark chocolate beauties. The purple filling looks delicious against the thin, back cookies -- we would gobble them all up if they were on our kitchen table! Turns out the creator of these beauts didn't quite like them and wasn't going to post them. Thankfully she changed her mind and ended up posting the recipe. Check out the recipe for the Black and Blueberry treats here

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