Cave Creek Coffee Company's Bacon Infused Mocha Coffee

We love any excuse to visit Cave Creek, but one of the best reasons to visit this sleepy arts community is Cave Creek Coffee Company's new Bacon Infused Mocha Coffee.

That's right -- "bacon infused." Seems like bacon-flavored drinks are all the rage these days, and we'll admit the idea didn't immediately appeal to us. But C4's new brew gave us a pleasant surprise.

The Bacon Infused Mocha Coffee is a combination of espresso, chocolate, bacon juice, and steamed milk (see the detailed recipe at the bottom of this blog). It's one of those drinks that brings layers of flavors. The first sip is a potent taste of dark espresso with a hint of rich chocolate, but after swallowing, the bacon flavor starts to creep in.

It works somehow. We were left with a taste in our mouth not unlike that after a breakfast of bacon, coffee, and slightly burnt toast. It was an overall earthy, comfortable taste with a sweet edge, helped along by a big swirl of whipped cream.

The Bacon Infused Mocha Coffee gave us quite an energy boost, too. We nursed it for more than an hour, and didn't stop until we started reaching the soggy bacon bits at the bottom of the cup.

We recommend a drive to Cave Creek Coffee Company to try this unique java at the source, but you can also make it at home with the following recipe:

2 shots of espresso
1 ounce Ghirardelli chocolate
1 teaspoon of bacon juice
1 block bacon infused chocolate bar
Steamed milk
Whipped cream
(optional garnish: two strips of well-done bacon)

To make, combine the Ghirardelli chocolate, strained bacon fat ("bacon juice"), and bacon-infused chocolate bar in a mug. Add two shots of fresh espresso. Fill half the mug with milk steamed to 160 degrees. Mix the ingredients and fill the mug with steamed milk to one inch from the top. Top with whipped cream, garnish, and serve.

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