Center Bistro's summer hiatus

By Michele Laudig

Remember Damon Brasch, the chef I profiled a few months ago?

Well, I ran into him yesterday at That's A Wrap, his CenPho restaurant, and got the latest update on The Center Bistro, the in-house organic eatery at Tempe's I Am The Center yoga studio.

Turns out, The Center closed for the summer, and along with it, so did The Center Bistro. Brasch didn't seem all too happy about that, but apparently the other partners in the business decided to take a break during the hot months and reopen -- supposedly -- this fall when the ASU kids are back on campus.

In this case, it sucks being a deprived local, because a cool salad and a cold glass of fresh-squeezed juice sounds like the perfect thing have on a hot afternoon.

Anyway, I hope we see The Center Bistro open back up in a few months. And I'm happy to report that Brasch's other restaurant, Green, is doing A-okay.


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