Lady Gaga rendered in fondant and cake.
Lady Gaga rendered in fondant and cake.
Via: Kick Ass Kakes/Facebook

Check Out Kick Ass Kake's Larger-Than-Life Lady Gaga Cake

It's safe to say that Kick Ass Kakes' designer and owner, Jay Murphy, is a big Lady Gaga fan. How big? Big enough to lovingly render a slightly larger than life in cake, frosting and fondant.

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He spent the better part of this week putting her together just in time for her Phoenix concert last night which he of course attended. The cake version of Lady Gaga will remain on display at Kick Ass Kakes for the near foreseeable future and Murphy said on Facebook that people should feel from to come down for photos.

Cake Lady Gaga tips the scale at 180 pounds. If you're an avid cake competition watcher you'll probably already be aware of the basic techniques Murphy employed. He built a wood dowel scaffolding of the Lady Gaga first then packed on the cake, wrapped it in fondant and got to work pressing and styling in the details. As he mentions in the CNN report, the her face was the most difficult portion to render and he had to restart it several times.

According to Kick Ass Kake's Facebook page he was hoping to capture the "radiance" of the "Queen of Beauty." The amount of detail he was able to squeeze into a cake is fairly astounding as he's gone so far as to paint her irises and even build her little fondant eyelashes.

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