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Chef Aurore de Beauduy of Vogue Bistro on the Biggest Difference Between Parisians and Phoenicians and Being a Female Chef

Aurore de Beauduy Chef Vogue Bistro

Phoenix is a long way from the quaint cafes and white-linen world-class dining destinations of Paris -- and you can be sure it was neither a short nor a particularly direct route that led Aurore de Beauduy from the City of Lights to the Valley of the Sun. This is part one of our interview with the chef in which we find out the story behind her journey to Arizona, which has taken her from Chicago to Russia along the way, as she crafted fine dining experiences for everyone from clubbers to Communists. Don't forget to come back tomorrow for part two, when we hear about why she doesn't consider Vogue a "French" restaurant anymore and where she likes to eat out in the city.

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